100 chefs in 100 schools by 2023 - so that children can learn to eat, cook and love real food


Our nation has an ever-growing problem with food-related disease. 1 in 10 children arrive at primary school obese.  1 in 5 leave primary school obese. This statistic doubles in deprived, diverse, inner-city areas.


We believe the best chance children have to understand the importance of a good diet is by eating – and learning how to make – delicious food, cooked from scratch. We think chefs in schools are the right people to do this. Leading the kitchen on a varied menu of meals made from fresh ingredients. Sharing their passion for food with the students. Supporting school leaders to help pupils get the best out of their school days.


We are looking for chefs who want to cook with purpose and schools who want to lead the way.


If you are a chef interested in joining our cause, please tell us more about yourself here. If you are a school please give us some details here so we can contact you.


Together, we can change children’s lives for the better, forever.