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We work on the ground in schools to transform their food, food culture, food education on a school by school basis.

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When Nicole arrived at Gayhurst, the kitchen was filled with powdered food, the freezer was packed with unidentifiable bread-crumbed objects. The kitchen staff could do no more than cut open packets and reheat the contents.


Four years later, bread is baked fresh daily, and fish on a Friday is often a whole fillet of cod with a reduced tomato sauce. Children arrive to sharing plates of salads – from corn with mayo and salsa, to hummus with pesto and crudités.


The atmosphere in the dining room has transformed from being a place of stress and even terror, to being a moment in the school day that everyone gathers over. Teachers eat with the children, encouraging them to stretch their boundaries and attitudes, day by day. This takes time. Children need to be encouraged step by step into a new approach to eating.